5 Good Computing Habits (1 of 5)

Over the next five days I’m going to talk about 5 Computing Habits that can really help you organize, secure, and keep your PC running smoothly for years to come…

1. Organize your Folders

We all know how easy it is to dump files into the wrong folder when we’re in a hurry. But one way to make sure you’ll keep your files organized is to remove the clutter with a filing system that makes sense for the way you use your computer. Learn 7 tips for organizing your files. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Start clean
    Begin by deciding which files you no longer need on your hard drive.
  • Think it through
    Take the time to plan the best way to organize your files. How do you spend your time on the computer and what do you create? Do you work with photos and image editing software, surf the Web, write short stories, research school projects, or play games? The folders you create in My Documents can be easily tailored to show you just the kind of data about your files that you need to track.
  • Use subfolders
    After you have an idea of the kinds of items you produce and want to save, create folders and subfolders to store your files. Be sure to use logical, easy-to-understand names. For example, within My Documents, you might create these folders:
    • Projects
    • HR Benefits
    • Career
      Within the Projects folder, you could create subfolders for your different projects.

Tip: To create a new subfolder with Windows XP, in the File and Folder task pane click Make a New Folder. Type the name for the new folder and press Enter.