“Aw, Snap!” Chrome 79 within VMware App Volumes AppStack

Recently updated Google Chrome within my VMware App Volumes 2.18 environment (as part of a standard apps AppStack) to Chrome version 79 and “Aw, Snap!” nothing worked… No pages would load successfully, presenting me with the very generic “Aw, Snap!” crash page.

Through some Google’ing, found that Google has re-enabled a “Code Integrity Checking” feature causing lots of users to experience this problem due to incompatibilities with some security software packages.
The quick and easy test is to add the following command to the end of Chrome’s shortcut target and test:


Ta da! Chrome now worked! Instead of modifying the Chrome shortcuts within my AppStack, I decided it would be better to apply this setting via Group Policy. Not only to ensure the setting is applied no matter how Chrome was launched, but also to be able to easily remove the disabling-of this Chrome security feature if and when the incompatibility with App Volumes is resolved <fingers crossed>. Chrome’s Renderer Code Integrity can be disabled via Computer Configuration or User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Google > Google Chrome > Enable Renderer Code Integrity = Disabled

Happy Stacking!

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