Tips and Tricks

Check For Admin Rights with PowerShell

Recently I was trying to determine if a domain user is a local Administrator of their workstation and found many options… Note that there is a difference in checking if the user is a local Administrator and checking if the command is running in an elevated context. Here’s what worked best for me… Check if

“Aw, Snap!” Chrome 79 within VMware App Volumes AppStack

Recently updated Google Chrome within my VMware App Volumes 2.18 environment (as part of a standard apps AppStack) to Chrome version 79 and “Aw, Snap!” nothing worked… No pages would load successfully, presenting me with the very generic “Aw, Snap!” crash page. Through some Google’ing, found that Google has re-enabled a “Code Integrity Checking” feature

Launch IE Window at Windows Login Prompt

If your in need to launch an Internet Explorer window (or pretty much any process) at the Windows login prompt (before any user logs in) here’s a solution that I’ve helped implement and it’s working great. On Windows XPDisplaying an IE window at the login prompt in Windows XP is relatively easy. A simple VBscript

Switch from ATA to AHCI in Windows 7

I’ve been upgrading quite a few machines from Windows XP to Windows 7 lately, and for some reason, almost every time, I forget to change the SATA Operation setting in the BIOS from ATA to AHCI after wiping the drive and before installing Windows 7.AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) is a new interface specification that

Office 2007 Spell Check Not Working

Even though Office 2010 has since been released I recently upgraded a client’s workstation from Microsoft’s Office 2003 to Office 2007. The upgrade installed without a hitch, including the service pack 2 update, but after a few days the client noticed the Spell Check feature of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and even Outlook was not working.Through a little google’ing I

Enable or Disable File and Printer Sharing with snetcfg.exe

For a recent work project I needed to be able to be able to enable File and Printer Sharing on 2000+ machines for a few weeks while some software was deployed then disable File and Printer Sharing once the deployment was complete. I quickly found out that their was no group policy to easily do

5 Good Computing Habits (5 of 5)

5. Run Antivirus Software and a Spyware Detection and Removal Tool Updating your Windows software is just the first step in keeping your computer safe. Next, you’ll want to download and install antivirus software and keep it up to date. Your computer may have come with a free trial of antivirus software, but if you

5 Good Computing Habits (4 of 5)

4. Keep Windows and Office Up To Date Computer programs are continually changed and improved based on customer feedback and continuing product testing. Problems are resolved, features are added, and security is improved throughout the life of the program—and, as a registered user, you should benefit from those improvements. By checking Microsoft Update regularly, you