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5 Good Computing Habits (3 of 5)

3. Use System Restore System Restore is one of those programs that can be a life-saver when you’ve been the unfortunate recipient of unstable software, a badly timed power outage, or a damaging thunderstorm. System Restore records important documents, settings, and preferences on your computer at a certain point in time. If the unthinkable happens

5 Good Computing Habits (2 of 5)

2. CLEAN UP YOUR HARD DISK Now that you’ve organized your files and folders and cleaned up your desktop, you can organize the data itself. Windows XP includes two utilities—Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter—that help you free up more space on your hard drive and help your computer work more efficiently. Find additional ways to

5 Good Computing Habits (1 of 5)

Over the next five days I’m going to talk about 5 Computing Habits that can really help you organize, secure, and keep your PC running smoothly for years to come… 1. Organize your Folders We all know how easy it is to dump files into the wrong folder when we’re in a hurry. But one

WXP PC Slow When Running WMP10

A few weeks ago I started noticing that when ever I start Windows Media Player 10 (in Windows XP) my CPU jumps up to 100% and thus the computer starts running really slow… I found the cause to the problem and an easy solution and wanted to share… What Causes This Problem:This happens when you