JahnsTek, LLC

Computer Services

Custom Built PCs

JahnsTek can build a new PC tailored for your exact needs from the best industry standard components.

Installation & Setup

JahnsTek can install your new computer and set up the operating system and any software so that everything works right the first time. We always provide free security and other essential software to allow your PC to consistently run at peak performance.


JahnsTek can prepare your system for the worst. We can provide backup solutions so that you'll never lose that priceless photo or document.


JahnsTek can protect your computer from security threats. This includes installing and configuring security software for optimum protection and performance, installing all critical updates, and removing unnecessary programs.

PC Optimization

JahnsTek can keep your system running a peak performance by performing regular maintenance to your system including removing unwanted files and unnecessary background processes. We'll also run scans of your system to detect and remove any spyware that may be slowing you down.

Mac Support

JahnsTek also provides support for Macintosh computers. Justin successfully completed several Apple certifications and holds the title of Apple Certified Technical Coordinator. Even though, for the most part, "Macs just work," sometimes things just don't work quite right.

Technical Support

JahnsTek can help you out with any technical issue you may be having with your PC or Mac. We can find the cause of crashes, lockups, or unusual slowness; repair any operating system issues; remove all viruses and spyware; and install critical updates. We can also make sure your computer is operating properly, and we provide estimates for recommended hardware repairs or upgrades if needed.

Full System Revamp

JahnsTek's Full System Revamp is what we call the process of wiping your system's hard drive and reinstalling everything from scratch, giving your system that fresh-from-the-factory performance. We always include our free security and other essential software to allow your PC to run even better than new.