JahnsTek, LLC

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Website ComponentsEvery website requires a few high level components:
1) Content Management System
2) Design and Content
3) Continued Maintenance
4) Web Host
5) Domain Name.
JahnsTek's Website Hosting & Maintenance Services provide the continued maintenance, web host, and domain for your website. Also see Website Creation/Design.

JahnsTek will host and continually update your website for you; allowing you to stay focused on your business. Hosting and maintenance services are bundled together. In addition to the creation, modification, and removal of website content, we also ensure website software is regularly patched, remediate vulnerabilities to keep your website secure, provide statistics on usage, and monitor performance.





Packages & Pricing

At JahnsTek, we are committed to complete transparency on our pricing and that's why we provide it right on our website for the world to see.

  Basic Extended Advanced
Cost  $19/month
($228 billed annually)
($588 billed annually)
($1068 billed annually)
Included Hours Labor (per month) 1 2 4
Site Content Updates      
Content Management System (CMS) Upgrades      
Basic Site Backups      
Visitor/Usage Statistics (with monthly report)      
Extended Site Backups      
Performance Statistics (with monthly report)      
Social Media Management      
Google MyBusiness Setup      
Domain Name Included      
JahnsTek Shared Hosting Included      
JahnsTek VPS Hosting Included      

3rd Party Hosting subscriptions (optional) can be managed by JahnsTek, but are not included.