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Rock River Retreat

Rock River Retreat is located on the Rock River in the rural countryside of Dodge County; home to the treasured landscape of the Horicon Marsh. They provides several vacation rental properties and cater to events of almost any size.

Choose your waterfront perch; relax, enjoy, and appreciate the natural beauty of this unforgettable place. Discover and explore our undisturbed marshlands. Spend time birding, biking, or boating through this unique environment. Gain access by pedal power along the 34 mile rail trail that follows the western edge of the Horicon Marsh. Another route, the Tour de Marsh leads you center stage. Paddle power along our National Water Trails & Rock River Trails or take a serene cruise on our local boat tour. Mother Nature as your guide, offers you endless wildlife delights.

For a day or a week of bliss, a gala celebration, or a truly unforgettable event, Rock River Retreat is the perfect venue. Whether you are seeking an oasis for relaxation, or a magical place to entertain, our experienced staff will personalize every request. Please join us for your time of connecting, discovery, and surprise. Rock River Retreat awaits your arrival.


May 2014